Survey Says: Have A Baby!

Ladies! You need to have your first baby by age 25! That’s what 58% of the population is telling you. Or at least 58% of the 5,100 people Gallup questioned in a recent poll. When asked at what age a woman should have her first child, 58% responded that women should have their first child in their early twenties or late teens. (Late Teens!)

The poll also revealed that African Americans and Latinos were more likely than Caucasians to say a woman should have a baby by 25, and Americans with little to no college education tend to agree.

The Chiefly conducted its own poll to delve deeper into this important issue:

67% of women would like to know who these 58% are and whether or not they tried to raise a family in an unstable economy while establishing themselves in the workplace.

44% would like to know the current income level of the 58% and their income level when they were 25.

13% would like other people to know that it’s not that easy, so maybe everyone could back off for a bit.

21% wondered how many MTV producers were interviewed.

6% are confused how minorities have taken on a rather conservative approach to childbearing which makes them wonder why the Republican party is having such a hard time getting minority votes.

12% were wondering “What about that Atlantic cover article about women being able to wait until their 30’s?” while 7% were like, “who reads The Atlantic?”

38% of those surveyed agreed that 72% of all statistics are probably made up.

42% couldn’t believe that their mothers had contacted Gallup just to win an argument.

39% would prefer not to be young, single parents, thanks.

66% would prefer not to work to pay for childcare.

8% of men were like, “Whatever, I’m not the one who has to pop the thing out.” While 86% of men said, “Whatever age the woman wants. It’s totally up to her. We support them 100%. Okay?”

11% couldn’t get over the “late teens” part.

4% didn’t think reproduction was covered under Obamacare.

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