Media Can’t Quit Clowning Around


A recent story in the New York Daily News told of a sharp decline in membership among clown unions over the past decade. Clowns of America International and World Clown Association spoke of younger generations who have either lost, or never had, interest in clowning. Others are claiming that there are just as many clowns as before, but they are not joining unions.

The more important story here is that journalists and commenters were able to show off their funny-making skills. Not only are readers treated to original clown puns, but also to the ingenious insinuation that figures of authority are clown-like. Ha!

In no particular order:

NPR (blog): There’s A Clown Shortage: Who Will Fill Those Big Shoes?

NewsNet5: Worldwide Clown Shortage is No Joke

CBS: No Laughing Matter

Hays Daily News: Send in the Clowns

“But during the past few years, clowns have overrun the Capitol — in committee rooms, on the floor and everywhere else under the dome.”

Time Magazine: The U.S.’s Clown Shortage Is No Laughing Matter: Soon, there may be no more clowns left to send in.

“The United States is running out of clowns, and according to industry insiders, it’s no laughing matter.”

Beaumont Enterprise: Clown Shortage is No Joke

“Maybe they’re intimidated by the size of the shoes they have to fill, but…”

KOB: National Clown Shortage No Laughing Matter

“But in one Florida city known as the circus capital, this is no laughing matter.”

New York Daily News: The Clowns Ran Away From the Circus to Join Politics

Poncono Record: Dwindling Clowns Leave Big Shoes to Fill

Amarillo: No Laughing Matter: There’s a Clown Shortage!

“If you’re currently at work right now, you may disagree that there are a shortage of clowns, but that’s the hard and fast truth. There’s just not as many clowns as they’re used to be. Yes, send in the clowns — a bunch of them.”

TribToday: Really Big Shoes to Fill

“According to the New York Daily News, clowns are dropping like shaving cream pies.
Forgive me for stating the obvious, but those really are big shoes to fill.”

And let us not forget those commenting Internet comedians who grace us with such original* pieces as…

Da5idcz: “Apparently most of them have part-time jobs in Fox News.”

Dude167: “They will never be gone. They will always have a place in congress”

Lem Motlow: “Clown shortage? Look to Congress.”

Wakup234: “you would think that with all the Democrats already there – that there would be no shortage.”

Todd Singleton: “This is easy. Just quit voting for them. They will return to their day jobs.”

RhodeIslandCav: “I understand Joe Biden might be looking for work…..”

stvcar: “Are you kidding? Start at the White House and work your way down to congress. Shortage solved.”

Sheepy Magna: “Two cannibals are eating a circus clown. One turns to the other and asks, ‘Does this taste funny?’”

Rokgoo R.: “we have still 535 backup clowns in congress.”

CBSNAME: “The shortage is caused by too many clowns going into politics instead of the circus these days.”

*Actual comments

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