Indie Games Minecraft, Fez Reach New Sales Milestones

Two popular indie developers, Mojang and Polytron, have both announced sales milestones regarding their most popular games.

According to the Minecraft website, the multi-platform gold mine (forgive the pun) has surpassed 13 million in sales on the PC and over 10 million on Xbox 360. The highly lucrative game was released into alpha way back in 2010, whereupon it quickly gained coverage due to its unique style of gameplay, art, and logic (or lack thereof). Since then it has sold a total of 33 million copies across all platforms, and will soon launch for PS3 on December 18th.

Likewise, developer Polytron announced via their page that its 2D-3D puzzle game Fez has surpassed 1 million in sales. This announcement comes after a lengthy string of problems that have plagued the game’s creator and developer, Phil Fish, including his apparent retirement from the games industry and cancellation of Fez II last summer. Here’s hoping this may be just the boost to change his mind.

Matt Nowatzke
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Matt Nowatzke
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