Miley Cyrus: Modern Feminist?

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve officially gone insane. But just think about it, Miley Cyrus is the embodiment of modern feminism. Right or wrong she does exactly what she wants, and she gives zero f***s what we think of her.  Isn’t that what we’ve all been fighting for, our right to choose our own lives?

She gets up there and intentionally shocks people by going against the image we’ve all imposed on her. The cute, innocent, virginal, can-do-no-wrong little girl. In every performance she goes up on stage and questions our preconceived notions. She is brave in a way I could never be. In a way I wish we could all be. Yeah, it’s raunchy… but who are we to tell her what she can and cannot do with her own foam finger?

Let me be clear. I said she’s a good role model for young women, not children. I’m in no way condoning the sexualisation of underage girls, and I don’t think her videos are suitable for kids. Let’s not forget, Miley Cyrus is a grown woman, capable of making her own choices. And yes, she can swing naked on wrecking balls all she wants. In fact, good for her! Her work is actually pretty tame compared to other young female artists. Just watch any Nicki Minaj video ever.

The usual argument is that her fanbase is little girls. That twelve year-olds look up to her and she should therefore keep it PG. Well, I’m sorry, but there’s inappropriate content all over the place. From TV, to music, to movies, it’s splashed all over the Internet.

Why does the bulk of the responsibility fall on one artist? Isn’t it the parent’s job to monitor what their kids are exposed to? And moreover, why aren’t we yelling at Robin Thicke for his participation in the now infamous MTV Awards performance? As I recall he was right there next to her, and his music and videos are pretty inappropriate themselves. Double standard, people!

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of what she’s doing. Her music is not my taste, and I find her wardrobe choices questionable. But I do respect and appreciate the fact that she’s out there doing her own thing. She’s choosing her own life. Sure she’s probably making some mistakes, but they’re her mistakes to make.

Let’s all take a little responsibility. If you truly have an issue with her music/performances, then don’t buy her CD. It’s her right as an adult to do as she pleases, just as it’s our right to not spend our money on it.

Ana Lugo
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