Doritos Kind Of Cheat-os With Effete-os

Let us explain. See, Doritos would like you to choose their Super Bowl commercials. The two Super Bowl commercials that will be seen by millions of people on February 2 will be chosen by you. This is very exciting. This is democracy at its finest, which is to say this is democracy set up on an awkward date with advertising at the request of capitalism.

In order for you to choose, you must go to Doritos’ website and watch the five finalists’ commercials. You must watch five commercials for Doritos and then vote on your favorite. Go to Doritos’ website, watch five Doritos commercials, and vote for your favorite commercial for Doritos. The two favorites air during the Super Bowl. The favorite gets one million dollars.

This might be a hard concept for some, so here, watch this clip of the Today Show anchors watching the five Doritos commercials.

Or let Good Morning America explain it.

Did you see that? Doritos commercials were just played on a television show. Not before, not after, but during a television show – they were part of the show. So not only has Doritos asked the public to watch five of their commercials on the internet, they got morning shows to play those commercials on air.

By the way, along with the five finalists, there are 12 semifinalists whose spots you can still view, and countless more under their “Gallery” tab. Understand that each one of these is a commercial for Doritos. As you decide your favorite ad, you are, as it turns out, being advertised to.

Could the publicity be any freer? Actually, it can. When someone else makes your ad. Which is what happened here. Every commercial was created and submitted by a virtually unknown filmmaker. They make your commercial, you give them free publicity.

Now of course, Doritos will spend however many millions for a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl along with the one million dollars promised to the winner, but consider their technique: other people make the commercial for your product, other people advertise the commercial advertising for your product, and other people go buy your product.

Well played, Doritos. Well played.

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