Jeff Ireland Is Safe In Miami Because The Dolphins Love Bullying

Jeff Ireland is safe in Miami, I can assume this is because the Dolphins love bullying.

Let me preface this by saying this: I am not a fan of the Miami Dolphins. I am a fan of the New York Jets. I usually will not criticize decisions of the Dolphins unless I consider them to be absurd or completely foolish. Which is why I am criticizing this decision.

When the news came out this morning that Ireland’s job was safe my reaction was a perplexed “excuse me??” Sure they have won three of their last four games to sport a slightly above average 7-6 record. However, it is not all about records and winning a couple games when it comes to keeping your job.

We are still awaiting the findings of the bullying scandal investigation conducted by New York attorney Ted Wells. If the results had already come out and Wells had found no fault with the Miami Dolphins or found that the accusations were exaggerated or straight out lies, I would say that it’s fine to tell him that. However, until those results come out and say exactly that, no such assurance should have been made.

How often do we see teams holding their players, coaches, and executives accountable for what happens? Not nearly as much as we should. Sure, Dolphins management held Richie Incognito accountable by suspending him until they could be sure he was a part of no wrong doing. However, I’m not even sure that was a move to hold him accountable as much as a move to save face for the organization.

Through all of this you still must ask: where is the accountability for the general manager? Telling him his job is safe before the results basically sends the message that he is not responsible at all for his players. If they win well then the past is instantly forgiven. Obviously. This is the wrong message to be sending.

Some may say that he isn’t responsible for the players, the coach is. Actually, both are. Ireland brings the players in. He drafts them, signs them, trades for them. If there is a problem with players, head coach Joe Philbin can’t make the necessary moves to correct them outside of a benching.

If the situation in Miami is found to be anywhere near as bad as Jonathan Martin claims, then there is no way Philbin did not know, unless he is an extremely inattentive coach, in which case he needs to be fired immediately.

I am not saying that Ireland should be fired today. What I’m digging at is there’s no reason that the Dolphins should have assured him that his job is safe. Until Martin’s legal case runs its course, no member of the Dolphins organization should be. Anything more than that is simply unacceptable.

Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore

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Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore