The Chiefly’s Official State Of The Union Drinking Game

There’s no denying that everybody loves a good drinking game, and that not everybody loves watching and discussing politics. We’ve come up with a way to make the latter so much more enjoyable that you’ll forget most of what the POTUS even said. If you’re lucky, you’ll remember learning a thing or two. So grab your Natty Lite, bottom-shelf liquor, or Arbor Mist and enjoy what the President has to say about our nation while slowly losing feeling in your face.

Of course, feel free to add to the list if Obama decides to extend his vocabulary at any point during his speech beyond the phrases mentioned in our graphic. As always, have a wonderfully entertaining and educational State of the Union Address Day!


Kaci Howe

Kaci Howe

Ohio University Class of 2012, Ohio University Marching 110 Alum, Devil's Advocate, & Wanderlust. Firm believer that running, books, and dogs are the cures for most of life's problems.