Sesame Street Cures The Flappy Bird Blues

Didn’t get a chance to download the latest app obsession before its creator mysteriously took it away? No worries! The good people over on Sesame Street present to you Flappy Bert. And Flappy Bert is exactly what you think it is: Flappy Bird, just with Bert attached. You tap, he flies. Avoid the pipes. Quite entertaining.

This new game is just another pleasant reminder that Sesame Street is here to stay. In the last few years, the 48-year old show has produced works of parody that rival late-night greats without the late-night gasps. No, the parody videos are not Rogue Sesame Street; they appear right alongside segments teaching triangles and sharing.

Parodies aren’t new to the iconic show. Monsterpiece Theater was popular from its conception in the late 70’s and took on everything from Rogers and Hammerstein to Alfred Hitchcock. The difference now is that the videos can go viral.

Sesame Street’s parodies still focus on education, but education through particular lenses: the child enjoys the message, the parent enjoys the medium.

30 Rocks teaches kids about counting, while parents get to watch an actual lemon named Liz.

Mad Men teaches kids about emotions, while parents watch a Muppet Don Draper.

Homelamb teaches kids about similarities and differences, while parents get a little creeped out at the urges felt by a plush lamb. (They ultimately decided it’s subtle enough to go over the kids’ heads).

Don’t forget Sesame Street’s song parodies. There aren’t many, but the songs they choose still make for great educational opportunities. The lessons of Share It Maybe – “Call Me Maybe” – and Me Want It (But Me Wait) – “I Love It (I Don’t Care)” – speak for themselves.

The classics – Born To Add, U Really Got A Hold On Me, and That Grouchy Face – hold up just as well today as they did 20+ years ago.

In two years, this timeless show will be 50-years old.  Its very first viewers now have grandchildren who watch the show. Though many of its original cast members and puppeteers are no longer with us, Sesame Street continues to entertain (and educate) children young and old with an ever-evolving collection of songs, sketches, and stories. To a world of such excitement – which now includes this little spin-off game – open sesame indeed!

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