Your iTunes Top 10 Song Downloads For 2013

It’s that time of year again (already?/woop!) to count down the iTunes Top 10 Song Downloads of 2013! Its been an eclectic year for the entertainment industry, from the hype surrounding Miley Cyrus’ “twerking” at the Video Music Awards (which sparked some great Halloween costumes) to Chris Brown’s most recent arrest (this one for felonious assault).

10) Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”

Avicii provides listeners with a dubstep-techno tune that is sure to leave its audience inspired. The music video features a young woman finding comfort in the city where she is more culturally accepted than in her hometown. The binding link that ties her and her new friends together is a tattoo that later is explained to be the Avicii symbol. This upbeat tune is sure to put a pep in your step from 2013 well into 2014!

9. Katy Perry’s “Roar”

This inspirational song reached the hearts of many, encouraging them to be strong and successful in whatever obstacle he or she may be facing. Katy Perry, known for her chart-topping songs, appears in the music video in what seems to be some form of tribal garb, immersed in the jungle and swinging among tree vines. After adapting to her new environment, Miss Perry learns to tame a tiger to become the queen of the jungle. Motivational, indeed.

8. One Direction’s “Story of my Life”

One Direction has taken 2013 by storm by taking 5 of the top 25 songs for the iTunes top downloaded songs for the year. One could point to their talent, their fans, their good looks, or perhaps to their notoriously good attitudes for their success. However, One Direction is plain and simply one of the best groups of this year. You can’t stop talent.

7. “Demons” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons brings listeners a chance to look into themselves for raw emotions such as the ones exhibited in the “Demons” music video. Imagine Dragons brings a rock/punk-rock/alternative vibe to the industry and their success, once brought to the main waves, was nearly instantaneous. Taking the seventh ranking on the charts this year, we are certain Imagine Dragons will continue to bring us more of their amazing hits.

6. Passenger’s “Let Her Go”

This song, surely to bring out the alt side in everyone, speaks of wanting what we can’t have and love/breakup. New to the scene this year, Passenger’s melody is sure to entice their listeners and probably make you warm and fuzzy inside (I’ve heard their Pandora station is great, too!).

5. OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars”

This upbeat song implies that while others will be counting the material objects that matter to them, the band will be counting stars, or other non-material things. Also known for their other hits, featured in “Apologize” by Timbaland and “Good Life”, OneRepublic became an icon in the music industry. (Luke Bryan sang a cover of “Apologize” and placed it right at the bottom of his own album, Doin’ My Thing. You’re welcome.)

4. “Midnight Memories” by One Direction

This alternative rock and roll tune takes the four spot in this years countdown. One Direction’s rebellious piece skyrocketed the group to the top five and continues showcase their success this year. At the rate this young band is moving, you can be sure to see some more top charted tunes from this talented group of young men.

3. “Timber” by Pitbull

Known for his risqué lyrics and music videos, Pop Artist, Pitbull releases another top hit for the third spot on the iTunes countdown. This catchy and upbeat song is sure to get your booty shakin’ (since there’s an overload in the music video) and your toes tappin’. Featuring Ke$ha, “Timber” has soared to the top of the charts and comes with an impressive music video to match. Get ready for lots of hair flipping, line dancing, Pitbull in–a-pink-tux-ing, and random scenes of Pitbull on some island.

2. “Royals” by Lorde

Breaking onto the scene with her new hit single, Lorde has taken the industry by its horns in taking her single to the second spot in the countdown. Hailing from New Zealand, Lorde has successfully stated her opinions of the music industry’s trends in recent articles that have gone viral on sites like Buzzfeed. In the music video, Royals shows skinny young men “boxing” in their living room and doing “normal” things, which is the irony of the song itself. Congrats, Lorde, for making it to the second slot!

1. “Strong” by One Direction

Taking the stage for the iTunes top Song Downloads for 2013 is “Strong.” Three of the ten songs in this countdown belong to this quartet; if that doesn’t say something for this group then I don’t know what does. “Strong”, probably the epitome of “boy band” music, brings the boy band lovers out in all of us…as well as our teenage sisters/brothers/daughters/sons/others. Thank you One Direction for practically making 2013 all about you!

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