America’s Most Seductive Cities

It’s time to kick things up a notch when it comes to scouring the various “Best Of” lists of cities that litter the internet. We’ve all read them: the “Most Livable,” the “Most Expensive,” the “Most Environmentally Friendly,” and so on. But what makes a city sexy, alluring, tempting…seductive?

Well, a seductive city doesn’t differ much from a seductive person. They hook you. They make you fall so deep in lust that you think you’re in love. They make you never want to leave and they set an impossible standard in your mind for any potential follower. That’s exactly what these cities offer us. They tempt our desires. They call to us. They are irresistible and easy to fall in love with.

To build this list we examined and ranked each cities history (charm), activities (excitement), culture (sensuality), economy (desirability) and food (temptations). The seductiveness scores were decided by adding up each final ranking (the lower the better) and presented to you in reverse order.

8) Tampa, Florida. Seductiveness Score: 35.

Charm: #5, Desirability: #6, Sensuality: #7, Temptations: #7, Excitement: #8


Nothing says seductive like palm trees and a tropical climate. Located on Florida’s west coast, the city of Tampa has more than just warm weather to offer. Walking around, you’ll be amazed by the colorful light displays coming from the top of the city’s buildings, such as the Straz Performing Arts Center. Tampa delivers city-goers plenty of activities from dog parks to public fountains to run through while also boasting the nation’s longest continuous boardwalk. Professional sports teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rays and Lightning call this city their home. The Florida Aquarium, the famous Gasparilla Pirate Festival and Ybor City made Tampa a sneaky underdog on our list. Oh, and we can’t forget the Cuban sandwich.

7) Boulder, Colorado. Seductiveness Score: 35. (Tiebreaker over Tampa due to highest single rating.)

Desirability: #2, Excitement: #7, Charm: #8, Sensuality: #8, Temptations: #8


Boulder shares a dry climate and sees sunny days (outside of winter) more often than not – which may be the reason the residents here are ranked among the most fit, happy, and healthy in the U.S. Good news for the outdoor enthusiasts: more than half of the open space is open to the public. Recreational activities include rock climbing on the Flatirons, bicycling, a 10km road run which boasts over 50,000 participants each year, and numerous ski resorts just outside the city.

Pearl Street Mall is home to various specialty shops and, during summer months, visitors are entertained by street shows and acts. Boulder is a wonderful break from goliath-sized cities that give you a neck strain or claustrophobia. The city skyline is almost nonexistent, giving the area more of a town feel than a city vibe. These smaller-scale buildings aid in the jaw-dropping 360 view of rolling Rocky Mountain foothills. An average age of 29 and median income of $57,000 don’t hurt either.

6) Baltimore, Maryland. Seductiveness Score: 27.

Charm: #3, Temptations: #5, Excitement: #6, Sensuality: #6, Desirability: #7


They say seafood is a natural aphrodisiac, and if you love crab cakes that’s something Baltimore will deliver plenty of. Baltimore is the second largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic; this city is nicknamed “a city of neighborhoods” and the “Charm City,” for good reason. Rich in war and commerce history, culture/museum buffs feel right at home. Walking around Baltimore’s inner harbor area you’ll find the National Aquarium, one of the largest in the world. Though the harbor isn’t designed for recreational use, city-goers can always take in the harbor view from hundreds of restaurants and bars located along the waterfront and numerous cobblestone lined streets.

5) Portland, Oregon. Seductiveness Score: 22.

Temptations: #2, Excitement: #3, Sensuality: #5, Desirability: #5, Charm: #7


Known as the “City of Roses” because of its ideal rose-growing climate, Portland is where you’ll find some of the nation’s best microbreweries and food carts. I don’t know about you, but something about the phrase “Nations Microbrew Capital” has a nice ring to it. Split in half by the Willamette River, this west-coast city is full of outdoor activities. The city panorama is breathtaking; bridges span the river while business buildings are perfectly placed in the downtown area.

You’ll be amazed by the moderate oceanic climate and by the fact that there are plenty of trees in the downtown area. Awarded as one of the Greenest Cities in America, Portland also boasts an extinct volcano within its city limits. Like any city, there are plenty of bars in Portland, but what sets these bars apart from others is the karaoke. So practice those high notes and get ready for festivals, dragon boat races, and copious amounts of local beer, street food, and coffee because this place is as seductive as it gets.

4) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Seductiveness Score: 21.

Charm: #2, Sensuality: #2, Temptations: #4, Excitement: #5, Desirability: #8


There’s something seductive about someone who is independent, but what about a city that’s the birthplace of independence? “Philly” is full of character and charm. Sitting right at the juncture of the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers, this City of Brotherly Love is rich in American history (Liberty Bell/Colonial style architecture) and played a pivotal role in the American Revolution. But let’s cut to the chase here—if you’re going to Philly, the first thing on most people’s list is the Philly cheesesteak hoagie and the soft pretzel, in that order. Mmm temptations.

A stroll down South Street and the Old City area instantly delivers great nightlife while a walk along the Schuylkill delivers a glimpse of Boathouse Row, a small stretch of boathouses home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country, lit up by twinkling white lights year round.

3) San Francisco, California. Seductiveness Score: 18.

Desirability: #1, Sensuality: #3, Charm: #4, Excitement: #4, Temptations: #6


A list like this wouldn’t be complete without enticing San Francisco. The city is mysterious and romantic; heavy fog rolls into the bay area and shrouds the Golden Gate Bridge in a blanket of mist. Cable cars trudge up the steep hills in quiet residential neighborhoods. Besides the bridge being a tourist magnet, San Francisco is home to Alcatraz Island and a historic Chinatown district.

The downtown area is massive, with skyscrapers competing for light in this concrete jungle. What’s so enticing about this city is the ability to get lost—and be completely content with that. Ocean Beach is located on the beautiful Pacific Ocean shoreline. This city offers just about everything—from arts, music, and sports to outdoor activities to great restaurant and bar scenes. They may boast the highest median age on our list of 39, but a $70,000 median income makes that more than acceptable.

2) Austin, Texas. Seductiveness Score: 15.

Excitement: #1, Temptations: #1, Desirability: #3, Sensuality: #4, Charm: #6


Everything is bigger and better in the lone star state, especially in Austin, Texas. The only southwest city to make the list, Austin boasts a population of roughly 840,000 citizens – and the world’s largest urban population of Mexican free-tailed bats. Although at first a center for government and education, this city is full of an eclectic group of residents who are determined to “keep Austin weird,” which embodies liberal lifestyles under a sense of independence and promoting local businesses.

Lovers of the ocean may not want to visit this landlocked city, but the Live Music Capital is sure to entertain you. The cityscape of Austin is spread out over a vast expanse of land surrounded by parks. The buildings are only modest in height, making a visitor less daunted. One of the most unique nighttime features in this city is an artificial moonlight cast from specific towers in order to illuminate the downtown city area—what’s more romantic than a moonlight walk? If the SoCo shopping district, food trucks, live music, and festivals somehow don’t impress you, many visitors are surprised by the easy-going nature and charismatic charm of the city’s local residents who are just as seductive as their city.

1) Boston, Massachusetts. Seductiveness Score: 11.

Charm: #1, Sensuality: #1, Excitement: #2, Temptations: #3, Desirability: #4


Although it may be known as a college town for those twenty-something’s, it is actually these universities that have created and often preserved the rich history. Boston tends to be on just about every list of cities for one reason or another, and boy do they deserve it. Outside of its 4th ranked median income of $49,000, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States – founded in 1630 – so you know there is plenty of charm packed into this quintessential New England city with the Charles River flowing through her.

Boston’s North End, ripe with Italian influence, is one of the highest sought-after and most romantic places to eat in all of New England. Walking around the Boston Common and the Financial District, you’re most likely to find old buildings nestled away against a backdrop of modern financial buildings. Home to the Boston Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and the Patriots, visitors of this city will find plenty of sports bars (don’t wear any Yankees clothing!) and dive bars offering their own takes on famous New England Clam Chowder.

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