A Perfectly Insane Night In Beverly Hills


This past Sunday, the Goddesses of Television, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, guided us through one of the most entertaining and surprising Golden Globes ceremonies we’ve seen in the past few years. According to Nielson, the show had more than 20.9 million viewers, the highest ratings in a decade. From the red carpet literally being covered in poop water to Jennifer Lawrence winning another well-deserved award (let’s give her ALL OF THE AWARDS), this year’s ceremony was anything but disappointing.


While some of my predictions for this year’s event unfortunately did not pan out (though 15-25 isn’t all to bad), I am ecstatic as to which actors and actresses scored upsets and went home with the trophies, including:

Leonardo DiCaprio. Bruce Dern was highly favored for this category for his work in the film “Nebraska.” However, much to the delight of screaming fangirls from the year 1997, Leo clinched this win. Although I am incredibly happy to see Leo take home the award, I have to say Tina Fey’s introduction was the Leo-related highlight of the night.

Andy Samberg. Move over Jim Parsons, star of the single most overrated television show in the history of television (looking at you, “The Big Bang Theory”), an actor with REAL comedic talent managed to win best actor in a comedy TV series. Samberg’s victory was a shock to everyone, even Samberg himself. Just try not to smile while watching him accept his Globe:


Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Brooklyn Nine Nine’s victory may have come as a great surprise, but it was a well-deserved one. FOX’s new comedy managed to beat out some of televisions greatest comedy series, including “Modern Family,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “Girls” (no shock that it beat “The Big Bang Theory” because that show is as entertaining as the poo water that lined the red carpet Sunday night). While “Nine-Nine” has not pulled in the highest ratings since it began last fall, hopefully viewers will begin to pile up after it has finally gained the recognition that it deserves.

Amy Poehler! Speaking of getting the recognition one deserves, can we all take a minute to bow to the co-queen of comedy, Amy Poehler? Leslie Knope is one of the greatest and funniest characters on television played by one of Hollywood’s most lovable and genuinely hilarious actresses. I’m hoping the Academy decides to make an exception this year and give Poehler an Oscar just because she is so darn adorable and deserving of any award we can muster up for her.

And can we talk about…“12 Years a Slave” only winning one category?! (Yes, the category it won was what I consider to be the most coveted of the night, but still!) I’ll chalk it up to the Foreign Press’s penchant for rewarding underdogs and newcomers; which is also why I have to admit I was fairly shocked when Chiwetel Ejiofor lost to Matthew McConaughey for best actor (mark my words: the Oscar will go to Ejiofor).

Weird Speeches

In addition to a variety of unpredictable wins, the ceremony was marked by several less-than-conventional speeches.

Jacqueline Bisset. I have no doubt that even if you did not watch the Globes or any news station/entertainment recap between Sunday and today, you have heard about and probably seen Bisset’s odd acceptance speech for her work on “Dancing on the Edge.” While the star claimed “hunger” was the culprit behind her strange speech, it did nothing but fuel my belief that all stars do at large award ceremonies is drink and bask in their unnatural beauty (which, I have no doubt, is exactly what I would do if I were ever nominated for a Golden Globe). Watch the bizarre speech here:


Jared Leto. Though I have to admit I saw nothing wrong with Leto’s acceptance speech for the best supporting actor Globe, Salon.com released a report Monday claiming the actor’s speech was “homophobic” and showed “the worst of Hollywood.” In “Dallas Buyers Club,” Leto plays a transgender woman suffering from AIDS. Daniel D’Addario, author of the article, explained that Leto’s statements about the process by which he had to physically prepare his character undermined the entire point of the film. D’Addario also noted how strange it was that both McConaughey and Leto failed to mention AIDS in their acceptance speeches, despite dedicating months to a project heavily focused on the illness.

While I’m not sure I agree 100% with D’Addario’s claims, do watch the speech and decide for yourself:


And can we talk about…Why it felt like actors were taking forever to walk up to the stage? I’m pretty sure several actors took more time getting to the podium than they actually had time to thank their loved ones.


Setting aside the snubs, dark horse victories, and acceptance speeches with herpes references (looking at you now, Alfonso Cuaron), there were a couple other odd events that made this year’s Globes stand out among its predecessors.

Make It Rain. Hours before the ceremony began, the red carpet flooded with what TMZ initially reported to be sewage water. While the spill was aptly cleaned and dried before celebrities made their way down the walk, witnesses claimed the smell managed to linger throughout the night.

Fox News, however, reported later that it was in fact a sprinkler triggered by a large light and a heat sensor that spilled almost 5,000 gallons of water on the pathway.

Teleprompter Technicalities. Lets discuss for a minute about how undeniably adorable Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie are. Before presenting a clip for their film Wolf of Wall Street, Hill and Robbie appeared Doe-eyed and silent to viewers. After a beat, Hill explained, “I’m not going to lie to you. Right now, they put up the wrong stuff on the teleprompter.” Within seconds, the stars were delivered a piece of paper with the correct introduction, which they understandably giggled through:


And can we talk about…Elisabeth Moss responding in the only correct way to E!’s mini-cam?

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