Out of the Park Baseball 15 Review: ‘A Grand Slam’


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Every year, Out of the Park Developments releases a game called Out of the Park Baseball. This year, we were able to get our hands on a copy to review.

Out of the Park Baseball 15 is a baseball simulator game. One main new feature they are bringing in this year is a 3D aspect to managing an in-game simulation. While that aspect is not yet complete, it is still impressive.

OOTP 15 was released on April 21 for all computers. It allows you to create a manager or general manager and take over a team of your choosing. You can choose to start at the bottom, managing in rookie ball, or even start at the top as general manager of your favorite MLB team. You could even start with a team in a different country.

The options are endless.

Once you choose your team, you go to work trying to put together the best roster you can—involving whatever strategy will work to win.



A fun option in the game is the commissioner mode, which allows you to edit any player, or coach, throughout history. While you can’t edit statistics, you can edit the ratings of a player, bring back a player from retirement (or death), induct players into the Hall of Fame, or even turn a player into a coach. You can also edit what team a player is currently on, coach ratings and the team they manage.

OOTP 15 allows you to edit all the finances of your team. Or, the user can just ignore the budget altogether—while cool for someone who just wants to have fun and watch their team succeed, this mode is not recommended for those who really want a challenge.

All the different statistics this game has makes it, above and beyond, the best baseball simulation game on the market. Sabermetric supporters will love how many different stats are involved, and will enjoy trying to find different ways to win using all the available statistical categories.

Overall, this is a grand slam of a game.

While the 3D aspect is not quite complete, it is functional and a nice addition from past games. The game also has a less cluttered design and look this year than last year, and did not sacrifice the quality of the look to do so. If you want to play a fun, addictive baseball simulation, go buy this one now from the good folks over at OOTP Developments.

Price: $39.99

Rating: 10/10

Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore

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Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore


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