Sleepy Hollow Recap: Demon Possession Will Wreck Your Hair

Man oh man… what a ride. This week Sleepy Hollow tackled demon possession in a pretty inventive way, making nods at all the usual exorcism traditions, while finding some fresh ways to shock us all. The Sleepy Hollow we loved from the first few episodes is back, and I am SO IN for the rest of this season!

First things first. The episode opens with a shot of Tom Mison’s painfully skinny legs as Ichabod tries on his first pair of skinny jeans.¬†Apparently the TV gods heard our prayers… However, my elation was short lived, as Ichabod changed right back into his smelly-looking outfit… it really does look like it smells… like mold and dirt and man-sweat.

This episode is a continuation of that white-eyed demon that possessed the hot dog cart vendor and warned Irving about his daughter and her impending demise. The demon can jump from person to person taunting the crap out of Irving and causing him to act like a complete lunatic right in the middle of the police station.

Keep it together, Frank. You’re in public.

The demon demands that they give him/it Washington’s bible before sundown, or he’ll take Irving’s adorable daughter.

In true Sleepy Hollow fashion, Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny (who incidentally was possessed by the same demon seven years ago, and was somehow exorcised, but they never tell us how) find a picture a magic lantern from France that has the power to send the demon back to hell… sure, why not? How else would they get the demon out of there? Makes. Perfect. Sense.

Moving right along, sundown arrives and the demon possesses the little girl, which was super awesome and made me yell at the TV. Good job, Sleepy Hollow. This is what you’re good at.

The cute little girl goes all ugly and terrifying and forces Irving to take her/it to get the aforementioned bible. Irving calls Abbie to not-very-subtly tell her where they’ll be, demons are dumb… while she and Jenny and Ichabod sneak into some kind of militant’s camp to steal the magic lantern, as militants always have that sort of thing on hand. The writers then try to bring up gun control. I hate when they do this… this is a sci-fi/horror camp fest, please keep politics out of it… writers, am I right?

So they get the magic lantern and make the trip from the isolated militant-filled woods to the center of town in what seems like 30 seconds. Because they just do. They accomplish their goal, the demon goes away and the little girl’s face is inexplicably back to normal. No bruises or scars or anything… Her hair’s a little messy though, being possessed by a demon will do that.

In the last scene, Sleepy Hollow does its best National Treasure reference when Ichabod finds a secret date in the bible by rubbing lemon juice on a smelly page. It’s in Washington’s handwriting, but it was written four days after Washington’s death. Whaaaat?!¬†It glows green and yes, I will be watching next week.

Finally, I need to share a giant plot hole that’s still bothering me after all these weeks: You know how in episode 10 the Golem followed Ichabod out of purgatory and into the real world, wreaking havoc on everyone? My question is this: why in the hell didn’t Katrina do the same?! Talk yourself out of that one, Moloch.

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