Sleepy Hollow Recap: Confusion Sets In

Sleepy Hollow returned to Fox on Monday after a one week hiatus. We start off exactly where we left off. Ichabod (played by Tom Mison) has realized he had a son. Where is he? Why didn’t Katrina tell him? etc, etc… AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO HATES ICHABOD’S PANTS? I’m having trouble taking him seriously as the lead male romantic interest when he constantly looks like he’s had an accident.

Will someone please dress him in modern clothes already? It’s getting a little silly. He only has one outfit?! Does he wear deodorant? Has he discovered the washing machine yet, or does he continue to sink wash his clothes and then blow-dry them in the bathroom?

But I digress. The banter/sexual chemistry between him and Abbie Mills (played by Nicole Beharie) is palpable, and it makes me wonder what the heck the writers are up to, since Ichabod can’t go more than one scene without mentioning his wife and how extremely important she is to the story. “Now, we need her more than ever!”, he exclaimed a couple of episodes ago. Stop telling us and show us already! As far as we, the audience, are concerned Katrina is just this lady who’s always out of breath and shows up once in a while to give cryptic messages, or to tell the backstory while omitting some pretty crucial plot points.

“Oh I know we’ve been communicating for like months now, but I forgot to tell you… you’re a dad!”

She’s a narrative device at best, except she sucks at telling us the whole story. And oh yeah… they supposedly love each other a whole lot. I’m team Abbie all the way. I mean, just look at them!

Cut it with a knife, I tell you… You can cut it with a knife!

But moving on, this giant scary clay creature follows Ichabod out of purgatory, where he went to talk to Katrina about their son…finally! Turns out their kid, his name was Jeremy, inherited Katrina’s powers. With a drop of blood he brought this very creepy doll to life.

Katrina made this terrifying doll, supposedly to comfort her infant child, which further proves my point. Katrina is bat-shit crazy. Anyway, the creature that comes to life is apparently a Golem. Jeremy created him to protect him, or was it the embodiment of his anger? I’m not sure. I don’t think anyone is. But if you watched the episode (and I suspect you did) you know all this already. On to my weird predictions:

1) Am I the only one who thinks maybe Moloch is really Ichabod’s son who turned to the dark side? That would explain why Moloch doesn’t want Ichabod dead… or something… I don’t know. This show is really hard to follow. I’m starting to think the writers don’t really have a plan here, they’re just making stuff up from week to week. So. Many. Holes.

2) Katrina must either come out of purgatory, or die for good. I can’t take her desperate mouth-breathing warnings anymore.

3) Someone please kiss Nicole Beharie. I’m looking at you, Mison!

Bottom line, I’m still on board with Sleepy Hollow. I like the actors and the characters enough to give the rest of it the benefit of the doubt. But I have to say, they’re losing me. The writers better get their act together and make some charts or something… Something to connect all these crazy dots together, because it is looking like a hot mess right now.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this is all leading up to an amazingly incredible finale, where everything gets explained, and Katrina comes back to life only to realize that Ichabod is truly meant to be with Abbie and then leaves the show forever. Huh? Anyone? No? Ok…

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