‘The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty’ Delivers Moments Of Perfection


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty hit theaters on Christmas Day as what is actually the second film portraying the short story written by James Thurber in 1939. It stars Ben Stiller as Walter Mitty, a Negative Assets Manager at Life Magazine who has a propensity to zone out. But who can blame him? When Walter does enter into his daydreams, he travels to a secret life full of adventure and excitement. (If only it was that easy for all of us.)

The movie centers around Walter’s secret life, as well as his first real life adventure. When famous photographer Sean O’Connell sends him negatives from one of his photo shoots, he notes that one of the negatives (number 25) was his best one, and should be the cover of the last edition of Life Magazine. However, the one photo that everyone wanted couldn’t be found.

Mitty goes on an adventure to try to and find O’Connell to retrieve negative number 25. He frequently asks co-worker and love interest Cheryl Melhoff, portrayed by Kristen Wiig, for her help, both for a different perspective and to find out information for him.

When Mitty hits a dead end, gets fired, and gives up, he throws away the gift that O’Connell gave him, which winds up being the key to finding the photo.

Adding some comedic relief to the film was e-Harmony representative Todd Maher, portrayed by Patton Oswalt, who would randomly call Mitty in an attempt to help set up his profile on e-Harmony, which was only created to try and hook up with Melhoff. Another big character in the film was Mitty’s new boss, Todd Hendricks, portrayed by Adam Scott.

At times throughout the film it becomes difficult to differentiate between what was real and what wasn’t (sort of like Inception for the movie goer). Another problem is that after pacing the story well for a majority of the film, it seemed like the end was a bit rushed. But despite all of this, the cast was great and worked well together. The film threw a bit of comedy in there at the perfect moments to not make it so serious that it isn’t entertaining, yet still serious enough that it kept the eye of the viewer.

Feather Rating: 7/10


Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore

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Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore