The Pirate Finds His Pirette

Our dear Johnny Depp, the actor we love, just got engaged to diaphanous actress Amber Heard. Now, this would be another ordinary engagement, quickly forgotten by most readers if it was not for a few strange facts that triggered some interest, at least in me.

First, Johnny is 50 years old, and Amber is 27. I know, I know, what is the big deal, right? But just switch those numbers, and see now if the interest level is not spiking in the little gray mass we call our brains. If she was 50, she would be called a cougar, or worse, and he would probably be pitied to have to deal with all those, er… what? Oh yes, wrinkles.

Not to mention the fact that Miss Heard has often proclaimed to be bisexual, at the very least, so one wonders if Johnny might be a girl after all. He does have the make up and the jewelry to flaunt a perfect bi personality as well. Oh goody, all is well in a perfect world, and don’t you dare go shattering my perceptions.

So, what is it exactly that makes them a perfect couple? Two androgynous human beings floating like jelly fish in a sea of love for each other, rimmed with adoration from movie fans, fashion stylists and Shar-Pei dogs the world over. Not bad, not bad. Of course the money is also a big incentive, nay, nope, strike that.

The 2011 movie The Rum Diary brought together those two insanely beautiful persons in one hilarious film. Based on a book by Hunter S. Thompson, for whom Mr. Depp is known to have had feelings too.

“One part outrage. One part justice. Three parts rum. Mix well.” Oh, I am not making this up; this was the tagline of the movie. The chemistry between the two actors was already obvious when you watched the film, I guess things got sparked from there and then.

With both Johnny and Amber being target shooters and avid fans of guns, the relationship might be a dangerous one, which could spice things up a bit for the couple. I think in fact, they are perfect for each other. After trying each other for about two years, they decided to tie the knot, a giant leap for the actor who chose before to live in conjugal no-man’s-land with his former mate of 14 years, and the mother of his two children, Vanessa Paradis, without ever marrying her.

So why now? Why this one? Well, I think his age and the sense of his own mortality (or immortality) might have something to do with it, and it is also possible that the little lady has made it a priority to get married in her young life, who knows? Being American, and not French like Paradis, her concept of marital bliss might very well be attached to a certificate, the kind you get at city hall, in an ugly office where you have to stand in line and take a number.

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