The Snapchat For Grown-Ups

This message will self-destruct. Well, when you’re done with it. That’s just one way that the new app, Confide, differs from its adolescent predecessor Snapchat; there’s no time limit on viewing, just on the number of views – one. Once the user is done with a message, they close it, and it disappears forever.

Yext CEO Howard Lerman and former AOL executive Jon Brod unveiled their creation last month as a way for “professionals and businesspeople” to share information privately, yet sensibly.

Many other apps have tried to recreate Snapchat’s ephemeralness, but users complained of looming destruction countdowns and overly complex revelation processes.

Confide is simple to operate and navigate, yet is complex enough to provide trustworthy security.

Worried about screenshots? They’d be pretty confusing with colored bars blocking out text – much like how a censored document looks. The bars disappear to reveal text when swiped with a finger and reappear when the finger is lifted, leaving no chance of an incriminating screengrab or a whistle-blowing Peeping Tom.

Fast Company provided an example video explaining Confide by using Confide:

Of course, Confide may not be good news for everyone. (Note to future political mischief makers: This is how you shut down a bridge.)

Originally conceived for secure hiring purposes, it doesn’t take an evil genius to see how the app could be misused. Brod conceded, “It’s up to the person, company and industry to understand and abide by compliance.”

At the moment, the app’s creators don’t expect their product to be bringing down governments or usurping leaders.

If two people can securely share information, then Lerman and Brod are satisfied. They admit that their current focus is attracting users more so than making profits, which means hopefully, satisfied customers will spread the word.

Confide’s creators expect the app to speak for itself… which might be difficult considering its purpose.

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