Being Human Season 4 Premier Recap: So Much Doing It

Being Human had its season 4 premiere this week, and let me tell you…it did not disappoint. There were three, count them, three full on sex scenes within one 43 minute episode… Not that I’m complaining. Sam Huntington. Even with a beard, Sam Huntington.

It turns out that for some reason Josh (played by the aforementioned Sam Huntington) is now a werewolf 29 days out of the month, and only turns human again on the full moon. I’m sure creator Toby Whithouse will explain this soon. Perhaps it has something to do with the pure-bred wolf that turned him? Or the fact that he’s now been turned twice? Sally makes a Ladyhawke reference, which made me smile from ear to ear. Oh SyFy.

So the full moon arrives and Josh, in all his scruffy dirty tortured soul manliness, has a… ahem, conjugal visit with his new wife Nora.

Let’s give them some privacy and move on to Sally’s story arc. She’s stuck in some kind of limbo with the witch who ate her last season. Sally’s a ghost, by the way. They are now connected and now Sally has powers? It’s all very unclear. Sally figures out she can leave limbo by finding the witch’s death spot, which is the spot in the world where she died. I know, it took me a while to get it too.

Sally dives into a whirlpool of blood and lands hanging by a noose into a Walmart. They don’t call it Walmart, but yeah it’s a Walmart. The witch was hung from a tree centuries ago, precisely where a Walmart now stands. This was a really cool sequence, and it’s worth watching the episode if only for that. You can catch full episodes on, if you haven’t seen it already.

Continuing on, Aidan. Oh, Aidan.. He and Nora are living in the trailer where that old guy werewolf used to live, before he was eaten by vampires. Together they’re taking care of werewolf Josh because that’s what wives and friends do. Josh is feeling like a burden to everyone and tries to convince Aidan to kill him.

Meanwhile, Aidan has two sex scenes in this episode. Not that I’m counting. These actors spend a lot of time breathing heavy on camera. Do you think they do jumping jacks before every take? They must do something… Anyway, he keeps seeing his wife Susanna from colonial times. He could be hallucinating or she could be real. We don’t know! Except we do because she has a whole conversation with Aidan’s new girlfriend, and she shows up at Aidan’s door at the end of the episode. Methinks we have another witch on our hands. ┬áIs she good, is she evil? We’ll find out!

Meanwhile Aidan’s sweet, unsuspecting human girlfriend tells him she loves him, and that she won’t disintegrate if he’s not ready to say it back. Because let’s face it, she’s pretty much perfect, which means she is going to die soon.

Sally steps into some crazy business, perfectly setting us up for what feels like another awesome season. Full of weirdness, and gore and yes… so much doing it.

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