The Amazing Expanding Bullet


Having issues shooting in stressful situations? Can’t seem to aim within a foot or two of your target? Now there’s hope for the common man who just can’t get it right (or just sucks at shooting). Advanced Ballistics Concepts plans to display the “Mi-Bullet” at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The round acts similarly to a multi-pack buckshot, but instead of separating, the shell of the round stays connected.

The bullet expands immediately to a pre-determined diameter when fired from a rifled barrel. It can expand to a diameter of 14 inches when fired from handguns and all the way to 24 inches from shotguns. It is designed for most popular shotgun and handgun cartridges.

Talking logistics, the Mi-Bullet is supposedly able to maintain accuracy by utilizing an accelerated radial spread guided by the barrel. According to ABC, the bullet was designed to improve first and second shot accuracy for shooters in “high pressure situations”. By having the larger diameter of ammunition, it’s harder to miss the intended target.

Fortunately for the finicky who are unsure of whether or not they intend to use their bullets for lethal purposes or not, ABC has conveniently designed three degrees of the Mi-Bullet and has adorably named the bullets to correspond. This includes the non-lethal Mi-Stinger, the semi-lethal Mi-Stunner, and the fully lethal Mi-Stopper. So whatever your shooting purposes, Advanced Ballistics Concepts has your back!

Lauren Brummett

Lauren Brummett

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