No Bacon, No Problem: Alternative Super Bowl Recipes


With not-so-appetizing rumors circulating of both a Velveeta and a bacon shortage as we head into the 2014 Super Bowl weekend feeding frenzy–starring the Seahawks, Broncos, and your kitchen–many are fearing for their game-night snacks. Not to worry! There’s an abundance of delicious, and still plenty high in calories, Superbowl recipes that work around any sadly missing cheese-like product or pork. Just make sure to cheer as enthusiastically as you can to burn off all the (necessary) calories of a true Super Bowl meal.



It’s not a Superbowl party without wings. There’s always the typical hot wings but, in the spirit of trying new things, there are also many variations on this beloved recipe. A personal favorite is the Thai Green Curry Hot Wings. They only take an hour and the foreign zest adds just the right amount of spice to the already sizzling chicken. For a sweeter palette combination, try the Coca Cola Chicken Wings which are perhaps a bit more fancy than the typical grub, and what says football more than soda and wings? Well, beer and wings. As usual, Betty is there for us with her Beer-Brined Buffalo Wings recipe to make a hearty, full-flavored wing with a kick to it.



For those wanting a more solid meal before delving into the snacks, there’s always the hot dog. Stack a couple of these Classic Coney Island Chili Dogs on your plate before they’re gone because these weenies are the ultimate comfort food when your favorite team is behind. In the Midwest, Chicago has its own trademark style of hot dog as well, which consists of a concoction of condiments including mustard, relish, onion, tomato, pickle spears, peppers and an all-beef hot dog crammed into a single bun for an explosion of flavor appropriately named the Chicago-Style Hot Dog.



If you’re debating whether to branch out from the endless brands of chips, definitely take a look at these easy recipes. For some crunchy and cheesy goodness, check out the Baked Mozzarella Sticks that has all the yum without the hassle of deep-frying. For a more saucy option, there’s Crescent Pizza Pockets that melt in your mouth with each gooey bite. But before you go into cheese overload (as if that’s possible), mix things up with a snack outside the dairy realm with these Spicy Sweet Deviled Eggs  that can be styled into cute little yellow and green footballs–thankfully a color combination that won’t exclude these treats from either fan-base.



What do you do with all those aforementioned chips when you can’t dip them in Velveeta? Scoop up some deliciousness of your own creation. Because it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like some classic Ameri-Mexican, this Seven Layer Taco Dip is always a great way to go.  It’s a mix of salsa and cheese with the added bonus of refried beans, green onions, green pepper, and more. For a more posh and unique dip, there’s Boiled Peanut Hummus that could serve as a break from the rest of the cheesy, messy goodness you’ll be eating. Best served alongside some pita chips, small slices of bread, and veggies.



Don’t worry, the colors of these desserts can be very easily switched with the right amount of food coloring or the right kind of icing in order to fit your team’s look. These Sugar Cookie Bars are utterly delicious and the sprinkle on top can be either blue and orange or blue and green, adding a fun and festive flair for either side. Another tasty sweet that can come in all sorts of hues are Cake Pops, but just be sure to make enough because these delicious treats are just small enough to keep guests coming back for another. For those not quite so talented at baking but still wanting a deliciously themed cake, the South Carolina based Caroline’s Cakes are offering both a Denver Broncos Caramel Cake and a Seattle Seahawks Caramel Cake. Caroline’s was featured in “The Favorite Things” list in O, the Oprah Magazine so you know they must be good.

With the food out of the way, all that’s left is to stock up on some soda and beer, dress in those winning colors and squeeze as many chairs as possible into your sitting room. The best Super Bowl party of the year is ready to go!

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