Ari Shaffir – Comedian, Stoner, All-Around Good Guy

Ari Shaffir doesn’t wash his sheets nearly as often as he should.  He’s unabashedly childish, even late into his thirties.  He’s the long, Jewish-looking guy, walking around with his shirt off and stinking of marijuana – yet he’s remarkably lovable.

Years of dedication and degeneracy are finally paying dividends for comedian Ari Shaffir.  Arguably one of top working comedians in the world, Ari has created a following that has allowed him to pack comedy clubs, both in the U.S. and abroad.  His development has been, and continues to be, an amazing thing to witness.

Raised an Orthodox Jew, Ari Shaffir sacrificed his yarmulke as a salutation to honesty.  Honesty, a trait that is evident in his comedy, and a characteristic that he seems to be getting more comfortable with as he grows.

On his well-received podcast, Ari Shaffir’s Skeptic Tank, Ari approaches topics with curiosity, logic, and an uncomfortably open mind.  He has the inquisitive nature of an intelligent child, (a child who may or may not have consumed the perfect dose of edible marijuana).  If it’s not hurting anyone, or blatantly immoral, chances are, Ari is for it – whatever it may be.

Since its inception, the Skeptic Tank Podcast is released every Monday, with a consistency that seems to surprise even the host.  The podcast guests run the gamut in terms of background.  The theme changes weekly, yet the playful curiosity remains.

Ari is willing to tackle any subject, and has, ranging from prostitutes to parenthood.  In conversation, Ari has the uncanny ability to get people to open up on a variety of subjects.  His unyielding sense of honesty seems to be contagious, (It’s either that, or the cannabis).

In the past few years, comedy, podcasting, and openness have created a dynamic shift in Ari’s life.  In 2013, he released a phenomenal, 72 minute comedy special titled “Passive Aggressive.”  Currently, Ari is in works with Comedy Central, producing a story-telling show, “This Is Not Happening.”  Originally a five dollar comedy event, Ari Shaffir’s story-teller show allows comedians to explore a specified subject with humors and sometimes cringe-worthy fervor.

The journey continues to lead Ari across the country and around the world.  He’s managed to keep people laughing while crafting and producing a healthy body of entertaining work, (including the drug related international holiday, Shroomfest).

Ari Shaffir openly defends your right for responsible drug use and casual sexual encounters. Which means whether you’re into drugs, sex or both, there’s something for all his fans to get behind.