Top New Video Games of 2014, Ranked and Previewed

Titanfall/Respawn Entertainment

With the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One comes a slew of new games, some worth your time, some not. Here’s 10 of the most anticipated games of the next year, in no particular order.


1. Destiny – 9/9/2014 – PS4/ XboxOne

Destiny is one of the most anticipated games of 2014. Since its unveiling at E3 by Bungie (the studio behind the first three Halo installments) both fans and those in the press who have been fortunate enough to play demo have been impressed and have given the title nothing but positive reviews.

This game is a first-person shooter and a quasi-MMO. Though unlike many MMO’s of its kind there will be no monthly fee to play. Plus with Sir Paul McCartney working on the soundtrack there is a lot to look forward to musically as well.

Destiny is still about a year from release so expect to learn a lot more about this highly anticipated title at the upcoming E3 conference in June.


2. X (tentatively titled) – 2014 – Wii U

Probably the most anticipated Wii U game of next year (outside of a surprise Zelda reveal), Nintendo originally unveiled ‘X’ last January. The title is being produced by Monolith Soft, the studio behind the critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles.

X has an online co-op mode in addition to single player and a sense of scale that looks to dwarf that of ‘Xenoblade’, which would be no small feat. Players will be able to fight using giant transformable robots on land, underwater and in the sky in this open world game.

According to the games director, Tetsuya Takahashi, the goal is to create the biggest open world game possible on the Wii U. Considering what he and his team were able to create with Xenoblade, that is no small feat.


3. Titanfall – 3/11/2014 – Xbox One/Xbox 360/Windows PC

Unveiled at E3 by Microsoft and EA as Respawn Entertainment’s first game, Titanfall has been a critics darling, already breaking a record at E3 by collecting 6 Critics Awards.

Titanfall is online multiplayer only where the most coveted position will surely be the control behind one of any number of massive robotic warriors. Though while you must have an internet connection to play, there are still AI enemies and allies to help you in your fight.

Gameplay clips looks absolutely beautiful and we encourage you to check out the video below to see what I’m talking about.


4. InFamous: Second Son – 3/24/2014 – PS4

The third entry in the Infamous series, Second Son is an open world action-adventure game taking place in Seattle developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony. It’s a world where people have super powers and the player has the ability to steal and use these powers for himself. Only a pair of powers have been showcased so far but developers have promised those are only the tip of the ice-berg.

Don’t worry, you can still use hardcore parkour.


5. Super Smash Bros – 2014 – Wii U/3DS

No matter who you are or where you come from odds are you know this legendary franchise. We see the return of old favorites such as Mario and Link in this version as well as some new faces including Animal Crossing Villager, WiiFit Trainer, and Megaman.

For the first time the game is available on a handheld, which when played along with the Wii U version allows for some form of character progression.


6. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls – 2014 – PC/PS4

If you played Diablo 3 then you know what to expect. More quests, more loot, more levels, more abilities and new classes. In addition Blizzard, the makers of the game, have decided that they are getting rid of Diablo 3’s auction houses due to player complaints. So if you liked the original and quit because you didn’t want to deal with the auction, this would be the time to jump back in.


7. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – 2/21/2014 – Wii U

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Donkey Kong Country by Retro, the studio that brought you the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime trilogy.

It’s the classic Donkey Kong side scrolling adventure with a new coat of paint by one of the best studios in gaming. Play as Donkey, Diddy or Cranky Kong as they fight against the vikings who have invaded their home. Yes, that’s right: vikings.


8. Dark Souls 2 – 3/11/2014 – PS3/Xbox 360/PC

The newest game in the popular series from Namco Bandai Games looks to continue the focus on exceedingly challenging game play. Generally seen as the hardest game this side of the Monster Hunter series, fans and critics have fallen pretty hard for the challenge these games deliver.

The mechanics aren’t changing much, if at all, as the developers are following the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra. If anything the opening hours should be more accessible to new players, though there will be absolutely no easy mode. The Dark Souls world promises to be bigger with more dangers than it’s predecessors.


9. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – 2/11/2014 – PS3/Xbox 360

Lightning’s back, if that’s a good thing remains to be seen. Japan already has this game, from publisher Square Enix, but it doesn’t hit the rest of the world until next year. Fan reaction seems to be more positive than the previous two installments in the series, which has fans of the series optimistic.

Different clothes give Lightning different abilities, a hold-over from FF X-2, and the main battle system of the last two games returns again.


10. Bravely Default – 2/7/2014 – 3DS

It’s Bravely Default from Square Enix. Japan’s had it since 2012, the rest of the world’s had it since a few days ago, only North America has to wait ’till 2014. Originally it wasn’t going to be released outside of Japan, but due to a fan campaign Square and Nintendo decided to bring it to the rest of us. It’s a turn-based RPG of old with modern graphics and stereoscopic 3D. Everyone who plays it seems to love it and on a console with dozens great games this will stand out with the best.

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