The Selfie Is So 2003 That It’s So Cool Again


The selfie: One small moment in time captured by a lens. Of yourself. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. And filters. And angles. And ugh. You’re guilty. Don’t even.

Still confused?


Selfies first became a fad when MySpace was the dominant form of social media in a much simpler time known as 2003. A “fad” of course being a peer-pressure fueled trend that once it has garnered enough attention, will slowly lose its flame and die off. However, once MySpace bit the dust in terms of popularity (like, do people still really use it? No. And if you do, stop.), it seemed that selfies were here to stay.

Then before we knew it, they evolved. Thanks to new technology, we no longer need mirrors to capture ourselves in our element, for we have front-facing cameras. These are ideal for anyone who just so badly needs to take a picture of their own face. Sometimes really, really up-close. And now with our introduction to Snapchat and Instagram Direct, the selfie can exist without actually existing forever website! See, we really are ALL guilty.

Now we give you these fine young people who still use the aforementioned “that’s so 2003″ mirror selfie.



Cake it on darling, cake it on.


The Zac Mann/

Thank you, The Zac Mann. Thank you.

Pauline Emata/

Excuse for being late to the Heat game: excessive man grooming.

Not even sure if she’s old enough to realize her cell phone case is a boom box.

And now we evolve to the front facing selfie:

Girl something’s wrong with you though.

You had to know that was coming.

And that one, too.

And now, the “other” category:

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Everything about this makes sense.

Geraldo Rivera has had a lot of lows since Afghanistan.

Oh hi!

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