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EGG, The Establishment for the Greater Good, is doing good. It also looks like it is doing quite well. Which is good. Seeing as how their mission is to “bring together a small team of exceptional students from around the world to create outstanding visual experiences that highlight a social cause,” it’s good that EGG is doing well.

The Establishment for the Greater Good operates under animation studio Psyop [sigh-ahp]. While Psyop works for brands and agencies, EGG works for nonprofits. The program is a 12-week internship that takes 6-8 college (and recently graduated) students and asks them to develop projects for deserving organizations.

Their 6-member pilot program burst onto the scene with a one and a half minute animation that illustrated their goal of good. The short is simply called “Shoes,” but its message is a bit cheeky. It challenges viewers to reconsider how and what they give to charities, and it’s all done through a song and dance number about donating old shoes to charity. An adorable song and dance number with bubbly blue creatures that sing, “Children around the world can run and play/even if starvation gets in the way/your old shoes will help everyone escape.”

Not what you were expecting? That’s okay. EGG students hoped their video would raise some eyebrows because, as they explain on their website, sometimes you need to give money. (Instead of old shoes.) They go on to encourage every donor to find out where and how their donations are specifically being used within organizations.

Their newest conception is called “Nightmare: Malaria,” created for the Against Malaria Foundation. (Clearly an organization EGG can get behind.) This time, along with an animated video, they’ve created a game available for iPhone and Android users. Make no mistake, this is no Angry Birds.

The game is full of haunting, chaotic imagery as players, on their quest to collect tokens, are hunted by giant, menacing mosquitoes. The only sanctuaries from the bloodsucking beasts? Nets. Mosquito nets. Consequently, the things that save hundreds of thousands of actual lives throughout the world.

AMF hopes that the game can work alongside the video to educate more people about Malaria and encourage them to make a simple donation of $3. For $3 dollars a mosquito net can be given to a person – usually a child under the age of 5 – to protect them from Malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

The Establishment for the Greater Good has had quite the start. Taking a firm stand on charity responsibility and partnering with a major world-wide health organization has made for an impressive first two years of life. All things considered, they’ve started off well. Which is good. And good for, well, the greater good.

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